A third of all empty homes in Europe are found in Spain

In the first eleven months of 2018, home sales in Spain. and 1.4% in 2014. The European Commission expects Spain’s economy to expand by 2.2% this year and by another 2% in 2020. Foreigners have a.

One study looking at the impact on trade of a no-deal Brexit found a wide range of exposure across Europe – but with every member of. and the majority of all of its trade passes through the country.

Pioz, Spain has become a ghost town. CNN’s Richard Quest reports on the reminder of the country’s property crisis.

Dennison expects that about a third of the next EU parliament will be composed of anti-European MEPs and counted. But the ECFR found that in the 14 member states it polled bar Spain, most.

Spanish government data laid bare the extraordinary scale of the country’s crisis, with figures revealing there are now 3.4 million empty homes – 30 per cent of Europe’s vacant properties.

Spain has the highest number of empty houses in Europe: 3.4million of them at a time when many are facing evictions for defaulting on their mortgages. House prices in Spain are also at an all-time low, according to Instituto Nacional de Estadstica (INE) numbers for December 2013.

Half the shutters in the 6 floor building opposite ours are permanently down – a sure sign of an empty home – and no-one has lived next to, or below us, for as long as we have been here. There are a vast number of unoccupied flats in the centre of Madrid, a problem that is reflected in large cities all over Spain.

The church bells ring all over Europe. Italy, Spain – you name it, the melodious sound of beautiful church bells echoes as far as the ear can hear. The problem is, nobody’s home. Europe’s churches.

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Every student we send abroad has a different story to tell but all of them. which I have found to be on the mind of all the young people I meet in Spain;. 3.4 million homes which currently sit empty, to put this figure into perspective, and of these only a quarter are taking med- ication or receiving treatment.

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