An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist

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Democrat Congressman Gregory Meeks went on CNN to tell the nation that 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders should not be running as a Democrat. His reasoning is simple and it makes all the sense in the world. Bernie is not a Democrat. He’s a Democrat Socialist.

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I want my socialism! Don’t mess with my socialism. s no difference between Venezuela and the United States. But I’ll tell you one very clear difference, when you go to Venezuela, the grocery stores.

After Donald Trump unexpectedly won the 2016 election, the Democrats and the mainstream media they shape sought to explain the disaster as a result of Russian meddling. Such meddling, which had.

I really don’t anymore. Mostly because I know there’s no such thing as punching down or – despite what Mrs. Obama says about going high when others go low – the left can and does. and communism.

Comey Is Worried Democrats Will Lose. There is no great middle, Mr. Comey. The Democrats don’t have anybody in the middle. Democrat people, Democrat voters in the middle are in the process of transferring to Trump. The so-called moderate Democrats, to the extent they exist and don’t want any part of socialism, are not gonna be voting Democrat.

An Icon of the Left (Joseph Stiglitz) Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist. Posted on Thursday, Stiglitz is worried that if Democrats shift too far left, they’ll be smeared as "socialists" and lose the 2020 presidential election-in which he believes the very institutions of Western.

Will Going Further Left With Socialist Elizabeth Warren Kill the democrat party? gary demar november 14, 2014 0 Views.. Don’t go to liberal Starbucks! Start your day by drinking coffee out of this beautiful patriotic mug!. socialism has failed in every nation because Democrats don’t.

Bank of Thailand to retain LTV regulation GM already has shown that discipline by ending or limiting operations in Russia, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. It’s also reconsidering. and improving that metric can help keep GM in control of.

How socialist ARE these Democrats, anyway? Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch discuss the 2020 presidential field on the latest reason podcast, Editors’ Roundtable.

Judge Orders Paul Manafort to Rikers Island Judge Orders Paul Manafort To Be Transferred to Riker’s Island "Paul Manafort, the former trump campaign chairman who was sentenced earlier this year to four years in prison for tax and bank fraud related to his work advising ukrainian politicians, will be transferred later this week from a minimum security facility in Pennsylvania to New York City’s Rikers Island, a source close to Manafort.

The word "socialist" is being used a lot lately with very little concept of the definition. I’m here to clear that up. Good news: it’s a short video. Bad news: turns out just about everyone is a.

The primary difference with Gravel 2020 is that they will tell you as much, whereas Beto O’Rourke will go on. the Democratic Party-was a product of agitation from the Movement for Black Lives,

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