EXCLUSIVE: Trump says of Fed Reserve chairman ‘I’ve waited long enough’

Trump said he thinks the market could be 10,000 points higher if the Federal Reserve hadn’t hiked rates last year. At one point, Stephanopolous notes that Powell wouldn’t be in the job if it.

"The best thing that you can do if you’re in the Fed is put earmuffs on and just don’t listen," Greenspan says. President Donald Trump’s emphatic. first rate federal reserve chairman," he said..

 · ”Yes, I do,” Trump responded. “But I’m gonna do it anyway because I’ve waited long enough.” The Federal Reserve – which can raise or lower interest rates to slow down or stimulate the economy with inflationary concerns in mind – was created so.

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Trump says of Fed Reserve chairman: ‘I’ve waited long enough’ Trump slammed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, insisting that Powell’s actions have prevented the economy from soaring.

The US Federal Reserve. And Trump, who has said that rates should be lowered by perhaps a full percentage point or more, continues to publicly berate the Fed and Powell, his handpicked chairman,

"I’ve waited long enough," Trump said in an interview with ABC News last week, talking favorably of the "old days" when Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon intervened forcefully in Fed policy – and set the stage, many economists argue, for the high inflation, economic volatility and recessions that followed in the 1970s.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says of Fed Reserve chairman ‘I’ve waited long enough’ ABC News His comments — during an exclusive interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopolous — were among his strongest yet aimed at the politically independent Federal Reserve.

EXCLUSIVE: President Donald J. Trump defends repeated criticism of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell: “I’ve waited long enough.” "He’s my pick-and I disagree with him entirely," he tells ABC News ‘ George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos then asks Trump whether his repeated criticisms of the Federal Reserve puts Powell "in a box," to which Trump said: "Yes, I do," adding "But I’m gonna do it anyway because I’ve waited long enough." Watch: EXCLUSIVE: pres. trump defends repeated criticism of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell: "I’ve waited long enough."

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