Good grades = great rewards for your child’s youth savings account

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Discovery’s report card rewards teach kids that it pays to get good grades, for every ‘A’ a student earns on their report card, Discovery will deposit $1 into their account with our report card rewards program.

Our youth accounts include options for both children and teens, and come with great digital tools for your tech-lover. Plus, parents are joint on the account so you can monitor activity and look for teachable moments for your kids to learn smart money management.

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Key Silver money market savings account; key Gold Money Market savings account; health savings account (HSA). This question is ripe for bringing up topics such as how you funded your own college education, your child’s ability to take any college-credit classes their high school. What a great time to bring up the fact that we all have.

Start growing an account for the child in your life with as little as $500 ** Each year, family, friends, and relatives can help grow this savings account even faster by contributing up to $1,000 in new money deposits, or you may transfer up to $1,000 from the child’s Young Savers Account ***

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Ditch the piggy bank! Our Discovery Accounts provide a smarter way for our youth members to manage money with convenient accounts that earn interest and reward them for their hard work. Kids can get paid for good grades each semester and even be entered to win cool prizes with our Semester Sweepstakes.

We’re proud to promote saving money and good financial management – while providing youngsters with personal interest-bearing savings accounts! The Centsables CFSB Kids Club rewards good grades, extra-curricular activities, exercise and good deeds! 1 The Centsables are always available to guide kids with money saving tips, games and.

YOUth Smart Savings Account – The Best Kids Savings Account. Open a kids savings account for your child or grandchild and teach them to save early. Our YOUth Smart Savings Account is the smartest, hardest working children’s savings account around. We understand the importance of forming good financial habits by teaching kids to save at an.