If this meeting isn’t about financing Delta tunnels, then put it in writing

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Secretary Wade Crowfoot, Jeff Kightlinger, and Jennifer Pierre discuss the Delta tunnel project, the long-awaited biological opinions, SB 1, voluntary agreements, and the relationship between the Newsom and Trump administrations Recently, the Sacramento Press Club hosted a panel discussion on the future of California water featuring Secretary Wade Crowfoot, Metropolitan General Manager Jeff.

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Delta Stewardship Council Brentwood March Meeting flooded by protesters. The cost of buildings – and financing – the tunnels has been estimated. The systematic way it is being ruled out and the public comments are being put into a. on the Delta, writing his Perry Mason TV scripts in the morning and.

Love it or hate it, the Delta tunnels project is reaching a decision point. The state’s most powerful water agencies have set a September goal to decide whether they’re going pay for the.

Dan Bacher writes-Delta Counties, Groups Urge Legislature to Halt DWR Contract Extension for Tunnels Financing: "As California Governor Jerry Brown nears the end of his fourth term, his.

Delta Water Conveyance Tunnels . July 12, 2012 . Summary . This report updates an initial benefit-cost analysis of the water conveyance tunnels at the center of the bay delta conservation Plan (BDCP). We find the tunnels are not economically justified, because the costs of the tunnels are roughly 2.5 times larger than their benefits.

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The delta tunnels should not be built. They pose a real threat to the fish and wildlife of the delta and. farmers are put first and the environment and fish suffer. With the tunnels you are putting central. one apiece, and then count #3 as 3 since it has three sub-points). For instance.

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