‘I’m not living, I’m existing’: no easy fix for rooming houses

HOT or NOT June: What’s trending in housing right now HOT or NOT June: What’s trending in housing right now Zero down payment loans are back, but this time for real estate investors only. Home remodeling activity is expected to cool down considerably in 2020 as the economy slows.EU urged to look into cartel claim on trackers More home sellers cut asking price Still, sometimes paying more than list price might be warranted. Say it’s a seller’s market: You’ve got more buyers than there are homes to buy, a situation known in real estate lingo as "limited" or "falling inventory." Whenever you have a big demand for a product in small supply, the price for that product goes up.Door opened for new EU cartel damage claims | Financial Times – Door opened for new EU cartel damage claims. The European Court of justice test case could have important implications for the banks and brokers caught up in the global investigations into efforts to rig interest rate benchmarks such as Libor and Euribor. The court found that when a cartel effectively leads rivals to raise prices,

‘I’m not living, I’m existing’: no easy fix for rooming houses More outreach workers are needed to support people living in unsafe and unhealthy rooming houses, according to homelessness advocates. Front Page One News Page[Aus]: Saturday, 25 May 2019

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MCAs default on car and house loans Automobiles: Auto loans are similar. If you default on a car loan, the vehicle can be repossessed and sold. Again, you might owe any deficiency if the car sells for less than you owe (which can happen due to quick depreciation, or if you’ve somehow managed to go upside-down on the loan).

There are ways to flip houses with no money but be prepared to bring value in another way like wholesaling property by assigning contracts, building a private investor network, or giving up equity in another residence. Flipping houses with no money requires creativity, sweat equity, and the ability to take on risk.

 · A repair is made to restore an item to its previous condition. Therefore, you can deduct the full cost of the repair in the tax year that the repair was completed against rental income received in the same period. Sometimes, losses incurred by repairs may be carried over to subsequent years.

Upgrade your lighting, however, and you’ll be upgrading that check from a potential buyer, too. "If you are still living with the original builder fixtures (think rounded flush mounts and cookie-cutter chandeliers).then I’m looking at you!" says Gianna. "Lighting fixtures, like hardware, are the jewelry of your house." The good news?

I’ve seen slab foundations on some really old cottages, some "economy" houses, and on garages. Quite frankly, you couldn’t give me a house built on a slab foundation. With no easy access to any of the "environmental systems" (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) maintaining these structures is a nuisance at best, and a nightmare at worst.

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 · Now, this is my home, so I’m not selling or moving. But there are at least a dozen houses in my hood that were foreclosed upon – some because people got the idea of living there for 2 years, fixing up and flipping – but the wrong year or two can really bite you. I’m an engineer in semiconductors and I love making things.