Just Approved: Divorcee refinances, removes ex from mortgage and lowers her monthly bills

Backstory: A recently divorced client received my monthly market update notifying clients that mortgage rates were near 14-month lows. That means. Flipboard: Just Approved: Divorcee refinances, removes ex from mortgage and lowers her monthly bills

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It’s common for married couples to merge their finances together after the wedding. If you owned a home prior to the marriage, it might make sense for you to refinance the loan to get a better interest rate or dip into your equity with a cash-out refinance loan. If both you and your spouse meet the lender’s approval.

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Removing a spouse’s name from a mortgage loan involves refinancing the loan. This is doable if you have good credit and sufficient income to qualify for financing on your own. If not, you may need.

Typically, a borrower with a score of less than 620, or who had made late mortgage payments or other late payments in the past year, would not go through automated underwriting (meaning the loan would not be approved). A lot of people who go through a divorce find it hard to stay on top of their bills.

Simply put, if you can get into a lower rate mortgage, a refinance is worth looking into. That said, consider how long it will take you to recoup closing costs. For example, if you paid $2,000 to refinance your mortgage to a lower rate and your payment dropped by $150 per month, it will probably take you just over a year to break even.

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While some people focus on how savings and income will be split up after a divorce, determining how much debt you might take on could be just as important. Generally, you’ll close joint accounts when you start the divorce process and try to pay off or transfer shared debts during the divorce.

Think divorce is rough? Try dissolving the mortgage afterward.. ex to let her keep the home and refinance the joint mortgage into her name only.. get a lower rate and reduce my monthly.

If you can’t qualify for financing and still want to remove the co-signer, consider asking someone else to co-sign. When removing a borrower from the loan, you will also want to remove the name from the car title or deed. Although you don’t need the co-signer to refinance, you will need his cooperation to sign over rights on the title or deed.