Korn Want Fans To Sign Up For…Something — Kerrang!

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It is massively important for something that gets played on the radio and metal is more of a marmite thing. Thats why so many people LOVE metal, and why it sells lots of records however even the most ardent fan of metal has to realise that an equal portion of people hate metal and will turn the radio off when it comes on.

The traveling summer festival showcases a lineup of acts representative of the aforementioned genres, offering artists and fans alike the opportunity to. what promises to be an epic live music.

Both Korn and Alice In Chains are set to take the world by storm with a huge stadium tour this coming Summer time, fans can grab the chance to be a part of the roaring crowd and as they stop off across the stages, tickets are quickly being snapped up for this must-see concert of the year! Make your summer one you won’t soon forget!

Last week, Korn posted an image to their Instagram with a message asking their fans to sign up for something on their website. The link then lead to an e-mail sign up with the caption, ‘ WATCH.

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Come check out the full line-up of the American fest. like going to a place of worship. We want this festival to be a temple of rock’n’roll. We want this to be the ultimate rock experience for the.

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Korn resume the darkened heaviness on The Nothing, and the added emotion of legitimate trauma makes for Jon Davis’s most honest vocal delivery yet. Its not perfect, but it was the album he needed.

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someone even started a Facebook group for fans all over the world to connect with one another called the Amigo The Devil Fellowship. When I ask Danny about it, he gets a little misty-eyed. “I love it.