Presentation of Order of Parental Glory

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The Order of Parental Glory is awarded to parents or adoptive parents who are married, in a civil union, or in the case of single-parent families, to one of the parents or adoptive parents who are/is raising, or have raised seven or more children as citizens of the Russian Federation.

Competencies. The foster parent knows how to assist in treatment of children with mental health or behavioral disorders, including discussion of feelings and concerns, problem solving, empathic listening, behavior management, de-escalation, sanctioned physical restraint, and assault prevention.

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But for those who are really committed, The Order of Parental Glory is the ultimate childbearing honor. Established in 2008, the award is presented at a pomp-laden ceremony on or around.

Presentation of The Order of Parental Glory by The Institute for the Study of Slightly Varying Circumstances child support order . If you have a child support order and want to change or enforce it, you can use the free and easy support modification and Enforcement/Violation DIY Form program.

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The Order of "Parental Glory" was instituted by presidential decree in May 2008. Russia awards this honor to parents who have raised at least seven children and have shown extraordinary care for their family’s health and education, as well as their physical, mental, and moral development.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the Order of Parental Glory to parents of large families ahead of International Children Day.

The 66-year-old ruthless despot was presenting the Order of Parental Glory to eight very large families from across the country, as a thank you.