This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest. the best approach not only boils down to the principle of choice, but a matter of respect. As long as we have respect for.

Where work is proposed to a listed building, listed building consent may be required. Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so. Obviously, the matter can be reviewed retrospectively at the time and depending on your buyer’s insistencies on 6. The glazing satisfies the Building Regulations part N. schedule I (using toughened/safety glass).

Buying a property without Building Regulation Consent for alterations – What are the options? The reasons for this vary but range from ignorance of the law to a deliberate decision not to apply for consent where it is clear that Building Regulation Approval would not have been granted for the.

Your Building Consent documentation will list the stages at which you need to call for inspections of the work. If you don’t get one then you may have trouble selling your house as the work has not been Do You Have a Complaint Against a Licensed Building Practioner? Here’s Where To Do It.

Secondly, doing nothing puts the buyer at danger due to the potential bad build quality of the offending works. 2. Apply to the Council for retrospective consent. This will take time, though each Council varies, and some are willing to come out quickly and provide a letter confirming that from their limited.

Building Regulation is based on building size and use, so for most small garden buildings, you do not need a building to match building regulations. Please be aware that Dunster House buildings are not designed to meet building regulations, as the overwhelming majority of our customers do.

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How does this affect my house insurance? Any work you carry out that increases the value of your You may need to create more space for a ‘regulation’ stairs. Fireproofing the walls of the hall, stairs and landing. I have an old attic conversion which I suspect does not comply with current regulations.

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