Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail

Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail. – Graham Brink. A few numbers caught my eye this week:$43.9 million That’s the updated cost of the proposed bus rapid transit line from downtown St. Petersburg to.

Weather Forecast: High Humidity With Higher Rain Chances This Weekend. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.. – Scattered showers early this morning in the Gulf and along the coast.

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Editorial: Move forward with bus rapid transit linking St. Petersburg, st. pete beach. And stop the sniping. The million project that would run buses using primarily dedicated lanes between downtown St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach is a reasonable first effort that can be adjusted along the way.

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Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail Not everyone’s onboard. St. pete beach commissioners balked at running.

Pinellas transit authority agrees to put safety barriers on its buses The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority has heard concerns from its bus drivers and has agreed to move forward with installing safety barriers for all 210 buses.

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Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail St. Pete Beach commissioners balked at running the route along Gulf Boulevard and worried about the size of the buses.

More than nearly $44 million is at stake. This would be the Tampa Bay area’s first bus rapid transit line. If we want more of them, this one needs to be done right.

Hillsborough transit authority works with union to install safety barriers in bu – (Jun 14, 2019 3:54AM) Too much at stake for Pinellas County?s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to f – (Jun 14, 2019 12:27AM) St. Petersburg approves $4M for bus rapid transit despite St. Pete Beach opposit – (Jun 14, 2019 12:23AM)

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Too much at stake for Pinellas County s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail 11+ hour, 25+ min ago Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail A Greater cleveland regional transit authority bus makes a stop on its bus rapid transit line, one of the highe.